Forest Mushrooms Seamless Pattern.



Hello and welcome! My magickal name is Violet Hummingbird and I’m an artist, mystic, mother, and content creator! I’m so grateful to have built, with the help of my supportive community, a place where all of my passions and hobbies can merge! I’m currently working full time as a professional tarot reader and live-streamer, focusing on spirituality and creativity.

​I live in Upstate New York with my classical musician husband and imaginative, playful son! Our days are filled with creative exploration, love, presence, and tuning into the cycles of nature surrounding us. I’m passionate about motherhood and creating a nurturing environment for my son through homeschooling and learning from life in the style of Waldorf!

My background is in the arts, and I have dual degrees in Fine Art and Theatre which have really set me up well to put myself and my creations out there. My spiritual path is inspired by the rhythms of nature and the magick of creativity, shaped by studies in esoterica and practices of mindfulness, and working within an Anthroposophical system.

I’m really drawn to explore all I can about how creativity and spirituality blend, merge, and mold into new expressions. I strive to keep all that I do heart centered: in my life, in my business, and in my connections. My goal is to dedicate my work in service of humanity and our planet in a sustainable and balanced way, to follow where I’m divinely guided and moved, and to keep my work centered and grounded in authenticity and compassion.







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