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I have been coming to Violet for a year now (soon to be in July) and she has been dead spot on for me regarding all the people I ask about. Whether I like to hear the truth or not, she breaks the ‘news’ to me in a really gracious way and she’s always so kind and sweet. Recently she’s been helping me with a situation and I’m just so blessed to have her alongside guiding me through things. She tells you really the truth and she’s really so accurate for me!! I love you Violet (and Lars!) thank you for putting up with my million of questions (and anxieties lol) lots of love!!!! ❤️ - Vanessa

I had my first reading with Violet and it was absolutely wonderful. I knew it would be great because I've seen her do many readings before this, but having a reading for myself was a different and equally as wonderful experience. She has such a positive, genuine, and caring energy that you can't help but feel like her readings are a warm hug from the universe. My reading was spot on about where I'm at at the moment as well as picking up on different aspects of what makes me, well, me lol! The entire reading really resonated and I'm very excited that I finally felt the pull to have a reading done because it was excellent. Thanks again, Violet! - Pumpkin

I really appreciated V doing such a personal reading for me. She got it back to me within a day & i really connected with what she said. She not only explained the meaning of the cards but also how they applied to my life path. It felt very intimate. I didn’t tell her much about me, just asked for a general reading but I think that’s even more telling of how effective she is, because all of it applied heavily to my life right now. The oracle cards especially spoke to me I was so shocked at how relevant they were. They answered questions I didn’t know I had. Thank you so much V I will for sure come back. - Maggie

On point reading that really resonated with me and where I’m at on my journey. V is detail oriented and takes the time to explain the meanings of the cards, and their relationships to each other. Will definitely come back again! - Courtney